Sam Booth


The order of the categories and the links within them is random and will change every time you visit this page.


Low-tech Magazine Insightful long-form articles about historic technology that is ripe for a comeback. Environmental focus.
Think Defence Interesting long-form articles about British defence topics.
Met Office 10 Day Trend Long-range weather forecast with a sprinkling of technical meteorological detail.
diamond geezer Old-school blogger. Daily posts about life and travel with a slight focus on London.
London Reconnections Aggregator of interesting UK transport news.


SITALWeek Weekly posts on technology and business, providing insight and hyperlinks to other brilliant content.
Adam Drake Pragmatic thoughts on digital transformation and technology strategy.
Hillel Wayne Eye-opening thoughts on software development with a focus on testing.
A Lot to Learn David Knott (CTO for UK Government). Enterprise technology challenges from a holistic executive perspective.
Tiny Subversions Darius Kazemi. Internet artist with an interest in bots/generators and human-scale social media.
Austin Z. Henley Reflections on software engineering, academia, product design, and usability.
Simon Wardley Thoughts and reflections on culture and government from the inventor of Wardley Value Chain Mapping.
Venkatesh Rao Essays on the future of technology, society and freelance work. Occasional deviations into storytelling and art.
Future of Transportation Punchy newsletter covering transportation of all forms, with a high-tech investor-driven focus.
Joel Samuel Thoughts and reflections on technology and life, with a slight focus on UK government. Fresh and impactful thoughts on software engineering and managing people.
Tom Critchlow Deep thoughts on the nature of freelance consultancy work, technology strategy and blogging.
Coding Horror Jeff Atwood. Thoughts on technology and human interaction.
Ken Kantzer's Blog Reflective blogs from a technology, security and management professional. James Cross. Thoughts/guides from a software developer. Introduced me to the 'digital garden' concept.
Not Boring Business strategy and technology trends in an entertaining and engaging format.
AI Weirdness Poking fun at AI doing badly. Not sure how long this will last.
Let's POWER Automate Practical tutorials and guides helping you get the most out of Microsoft Power Automate.
Tiny Projects Young entrepreneur launching new small businesses for fun and profit.
Ben's Bites Daily AI newsletter. Commentary sometimes twee but recommendations are excellent.
Open Educational Thinkering Doug Belshaw. Thoughts on technology, social networks, and life.
Interconnected Matt Webb. Fresh takes on technology, society, the future, and blogging.
Ben Myers Highly readable and actionable accessibility advice.
Robin Sloan Fiction Author / Technologist writing deep thoughts about technology and human interaction.
Martin Fowler Detailed technical articles on software development and data management.


Holistic Enterprise Development Fresh thoughts on ArchiMate and architectural thinking from the author of the 'ArchiMate Cookbook'.
R&A Enterprise Architecture Deep thoughts on ArchiMate, EA and IT governance from the author of 'Mastering ArchiMate'.
BiZZdesign Blogs Articles on Business Architecture, generally focused on engaging executive leadership in BizArch thinking.
Steven Mileham ArchiMate tips and examples, including diagrams.


Tim Hunkin Eccentric British artist and engineer making electromechanical arcade machines which poke fun at society.
AvE Home machinist with a unique, surreal and amusing perspective on life.
amazingdiyprojects Incredible home-made machines, eg. a human-rideable quadcopter.
Stuff Made Here Detailed and engaging videos of astounding hobby robotics projects.
This Old Tony Home machinist producing beautiful videos with humour and depth.
Ben Eater High-quality videos teaching you about computing from first principles.
Aging Wheels Car enthusiast and home machinist. Interesting projects presented with a dry sense of humour.


Inoreader The best RSS reader around.


Braggoscope Interactive and engaging way to explore the BBC In Our Time radio archive.
That Classical Podcast Upbeat podcast making classical music accessible to all audiences.
c90adventures Eccentric and funny travel documentaries from a young British engineer on a C90 motorbike.
BOFH Short fictional pieces about a demonic system administrator.
Smith & Sniff Rambling and amusing weekly podcast by two accomplished car guys.


Buttersafe One of my favourite comics.
Poorly Drawn Lines My favourite comic.
Mr. Lovenstein One of my favourite comics.


The Spectator Long-running magazine with quality coverage of current affairs, politics, arts and life.
Dominic Cummings Deep thought on British society and the mechanics of government.
Himbonomics Deep thought on the future of British society and politics.
Joxley Writes Deep thought on the future of British society and politics.



Doogal Loads of useful location-based tools, eg. coordinate conversion, postcode lookup, travel time map generator.
Grid Reference Finder Convert any grid reference format to any other grid reference format, with a friendly user interface.
Chasing Maps Supplier of innovative mapping, including contour-only maps.
Generate a panorama Generates a labelled diagram of the skyline visible from a specified point.
Spatial NI Free access to OS Northern Ireland 1:50K (Discoverer) and 1:25K (Activity) maps.


Ray Goodwin Instructional and expedition videos from a canoeing legend.
PaddlePoints User-contributed mapping service for paddlers, showing launches, hazards, parking, clubs, etc.


Survey of English Place-Names Look up the origin and history of the names of places in the UK.
Geograph (my profile) A project to regularly photograph every grid square on the map.
Audio-guided walks by Moors for the Future Audio guides for some of the Peak District's most popular walks.