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Mapyx Quo Review

Mapyx Quo

Quo is the name of the digital mapping software produced by Mapyx. I’ve been using Quo for around ten years, and as part of my mapping software comparison article I decided it was time to review it fully. I really enjoyed writing this review, as I learned much more about the software by exploring it in detail. I cover what works well, and what doesn’t, and who I would recommend this software to.

OS Maps Review (plus eDofE Mapping)

OS Maps

OS Maps is the slightly-too-generic name for the web-based mapping software published by Ordnance Survey. I’ve been using it for around five years, and it has improved substantially in that time. It’s also grown hugely in popularity, probably due to the scratch-off codes that are included with OS paper maps nowadays. I covered the main features as part of my mapping software comparison article, but this review goes further and explores the software in more detail. I also cover the differences between OS Maps and eDofE Mapping, which will be interesting to those who use both systems.