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Comparison of 1st and 2nd Editions of NNAS Handbook for Tutors

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NNAS Handbook for Tutors, Second Edition

HARVEY have recently published the second edition of the National Navigation Award Scheme Outdoor Navigation Handbook for Tutors. I couldn’t find a summary of the changes, but the main changes from my point of view are:

Detailed Comparison

The National Navigation Award Scheme

Principles of Effective Teaching

Maps for NNAS Courses

Equipment for NNAS Courses

Tutoring the Skills of the Bronze Navigator Award

Tutoring the Skills of the Silver Navigator Award

Tutoring the Skills of the Gold Navigator Award

Assessment of the Navigator Awards

Tutor Development

Terminology and Sources of Relevant Information


Amendments to spelling and formatting are excluded from this list. Updated phrasing is only included if it changes the meaning of the content. Obviously this list is provided without any assurances to its accuracy.

The revisions all make sense to me, with one exception. In the “Principles of Effective Teaching” chapter, one of the sections that has been removed was about the benefits of allowing students to make mistakes. I see too many tutors who are too quick to intervene when they see candidates struggling, which is one of my pet peeves, because it robs the candidate of the opportunity to correct their own mistake (a valuable learning experience). There has been no additional content added to say “don’t allow students to make mistakes” but I would have preferred to see this section stay in.

Comments, as always, are welcome. Feel free to point out if I’ve missed something, or to leave your thoughts on what the changes mean.

You can buy the book from the HARVEY online shop.